Our Village Cookie Shoppe is a pretty extraordinary place. We’re owned and operated by the Mental Health America of Los Angeles. MHALA reinvests our revenue to help homeless adults and young people with disabilities get an education, a job, and a place to call home. We guess you could say that our Village Cookie Shoppe is not your cookie cutter kind of place.

The Village Cookie Shoppe is part of Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA). We help people who are recovering from mental health needs as they reach toward lives of self-reliance and self-determination.

MHA is a nonprofit organization that has served our community for more than 90 years. Our work is organized around four cornerstones – services for adults and young adults, advocacy on their behalf, education for the public and training for students and professionals.

As we help individuals, we inspire hope, responsibility and empowerment. We instill in them the belief that everyone deserves a healthy, meaningful life. One way we do this is at the Village, a program of MHA through which we operate the Village Cookie Shoppe. 100% of the staff at the Village Cookie Shoppe are individuals recovering from mental illness. They are learning valuable skills that will ultimately lead to a job in the community and one step closer to self-sufficiency.

The MHA Village is celebrating 25 years of service. In 1990, we were selected through statewide competition to design and demonstrate an innovative model of mental health recovery. At the Village, we bring together all the services and supports the people we serve need – mental health care, work experience and job placement, help with finding housing, money management training, peer support and community involvement. The Village has been recognized as an “exemplary practice” in the mental health field nationally and a “best practice” in California, our home state.